• Nations Cups 2012 Team China (Over 52) Player List



    The Nations Cup 2012    
    Team China (Over 52 Group)    
    Manager/Coach:   Glaucus Kam 金龍傑
    Co-ordinator: Danny Lam 林豐元
    1 Frankie Lam 林煦順
    2 Paul Hung 洪超凡
    3 Yuk Hung Cho 曹煜雄
    4 Ken Cheung 張發強
    5 Allen Chung 鐘光龍
    6 Albert Wong 黄世顯
    7 Man Sing Cheung 張晚成
    8 Hang Cheung 張恆
    9 Patrick Kwok 郭漢
    10 David Chan 陳大猷
    11 Kin Kwong Wong 黄健光
    12 Kenny Wong 王文錦
    13 Kai Man Chan 陳啟文
    14 Collin Lam 林國樑
    15 Karl Lam 林國良
    16 Keith Tsang 曾志基
    17 Kelvin Li 李文友
    18 Sam Ho 何雁
    19 Andy Man 文卓華
    20 Benny Cho 曹庾新
    21 Angus Choi 蔡健華
    22 Stephen Leung 梁志仁
    23 Danny Lam 林豐元


  • Format of President Cup 2012


    Final standings after the completion of league will be used as seedings, i.e. F1 to F11.

    First 7 teams, i.e. F1 to F7 will play for the President Cup Champion.

    Rest of the 4 teams, F8 to F11 will play for the President Cup Consolation Champion.

    League Champion F1 will have bye week in the first round.

    President Cup will be played in knock out playoff format, winner advances to next round.

    Losers of some games will be eligible to compete for the President Cup Consolation Champion.




  • Format of Summer League 2012


    There will be a round robin of 11 teams. (That means: 10 games per eanch team).

    After finish these 10 games, it will come out their positions from the standing of the

    table after every game's result. Then 2 more games will be added base on their

    position as follow:


    Position   Opponent team
        1st  vs 2nd 3rd
    2nd vs 1st 4th
    3rd vs 1st 4th
    4th vs 2nd 3rd
    5th vs 6th 7th
    6th vs 5th 8th
    7th vs 5th 8th
    8th vs 6th 7th
    9th vs 10th 11th
    10th vs 9th 11th
    11th vs 9th 10th


  • Sing Tao Daily (July 10 2012)


  • Sing Tao Daily (July 7 2012)