NationsCup 2024 – Team China

Committee Members

Patrick Chan
Vincent Lau
Sammy Ho
Karl So
Nelson Lam
Stephen Leung
Thomas Sin
Philip Tong

Team Open
Coach : Ray Pang
Manager: Riley Pang And Nelson Lam

Team Over 30
Coach : Albert Leung
Manager : Sunny Wu

Team Over 38
Coach: William Liu
Assistant: Eric Liu
Nelson Lam

Team Over 45
Coach : Joe Liu
Manager: Philip Leung

Team Over 52
Coach : Vincent Lau
Assist Coach: Mark Wu

Team Over 59
Coach: David Ng
Manager: Thomas Sin

Team Women Open
Coach : Clive Clarke
Manager: Yen Fong
Sabrina Lam

About Nations Cup

The Nations Cup Soccer Society proudly presents The 43rd (2024) Annual Nations Cup Soccer Tournament. The Nations Cup is recognized by players and spectators alike as one of the foremost amateur men’s and women’s soccer tournaments in Western Canada. This year’s tournament is slated to take place July 19, 20, and 21, 2024 in Richmond, BC.

This unique concept of grouping players based on their ethnic backgrounds and/or countries of origin creates an exciting atmosphere that provides a platform for people throughout the community to express their ethnic pride. Teams representing countries such as China, India, Caribbean, England, Italy, Germany, Iran, and Scotland, just to name a few, are comprised of elite players from throughout the province to compete for the coveted “Nations Cup” trophy.

About Team China

Team China continues to join the five groups as usual: Youth, Open, Team 30, Team 38, Team 45 and Team 52. This year we may have a team for China woman open. Over 500 participants including player and staff will involve in this tournament this year. Completing champion with teams from all over the world such as England, Germany, Croatia, India, Japan, Italy, Fiji and of course with Canada. Team of 38, 45 and 52 have won the title and other team group have tried the best and enjoyed the game and recognized some friend there.

Previous Record

2022 – Runners-up (52)
2019 – Champion (52+),
2018 – Champion (52+),
2017 – Champion (52+), Runner-up (45+)
2016 – Runner-up (45+), Runner-Up (52+)
2015 – Runner-up (45+)
2014 – Runner-Up (52+)
2013 – Runner-Up (52+)
2012 – Runner-Up (52+)
2010 – Runner-Up (45+), Champion (38+)
2008 – Final 4 (Open), Champion (45+)
2007 – Runner-Up (45+), Champion (45+)
2004 – Runner-Up (38+),
2003 – Runner-Up (30+)

Sponsor Team China

All Payment to
British Columbia Chinese Soccer Federation

e-mail: [email protected]

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