Rules & Regulations




    Only players who are properly registered with BC Soccer or its designate can participate in the League. Player must register through BCCSF before he can play any game in any division and tournament. Team manager can submit all player information with the team list before season start, BCCSF staff will load all player into database. The first game will do the verification. All players must bring in a government-issued picture identification card. For example, driver license or passport. This is a one time verification, after that no ID check needed for verified player.
  • What if a player missed the first time verification
    If a player missed the verification, he needs to arrange a verification with BCCSF staff. The best way to bring his government-issued picture identification card to SOCCERLINKS CANADA (4940 No 3 Rd #114, Richmond, BC), There are BCCSF staff will do the player verification.
  • Online Player
    If a player missed the first game verification, also he can not personally visit Soccerlink for his registration. He can visit a Online player Registration link , There are BCCSF staffs will follow up the online application. However, online Registration have to be done by every Sunday 6pm in order to play next week game.
  • Online Player Profile
    After player verification, he will be confirmed with his date of birth and become BCCSF registered player. A player information can be viewed
    Player, who is not in the team list (online team roster) is not permitted to play any match. If somehow a team used an unregistered player in game, which may be subject to a forfeit of the game and/or a league fine (as per APPENDIX B – LEAGUE FINES). Referees may still allow the game to go ahead, but any protest will be held by the league due to using unregistered player. Team list must be issued from BCCSF, no handwritten name allowed, and all jersey number must match the players. Using an unregistered player resulted as a forfeit of the game (0:1)
    1. A player is only allowed to transfer no more than 2 times a season.
    2. The last day of transfer shall be before the last game of the mid-season. For example, if total games are 14 for a season, the last day to submit a transfer email is the day before the 7th game.
    3. A player must be transferred Seven (7) days before being eligible to play for his new team in any match or cup competition.
    4. A player must be transferred before submitting an email to BCCSF Old Timer committee and both team manager.
    5. Online Player Transfer
      If a player somehow want to do the transfer online, He can visit a Online player Transfer form, There is BCCSF staff will follow up the online submitting. However, online player transfer form have to be done by every Sunday 6pm in order to play next week game.
  • UNDERAGED PLAYER (only in 55+ division)
    1. Division 55+ allows 1 player who was born in 1970.
    2. Unlimited underaged players for each team, however only 2 of them in a team.
    3. These players are to be wearing “armbands” at all times, when on the field.
    4. Punishment for using more than 2 underaged players will resulted as yellow carded, game forfeited, or players suspended
    1. For example, in 2023-2024 season, player born in 1984 or 1974 or 1969 can play in the winter for both 40+ or 50+ and 55+ division responsively. Same mathematics for underage (over 55) players.
  • Affiliation
    1. BCCSF will look for affiliate with BC soccer affiliation program. Ever player need to register for insurance coming season (as per APPENDIX A – LEAGUE FEEs).


    1. A team register for BCCSF league must follow BCCSF rules and regulations.From time to time, the League executive must deal with teams contravenes the rules and regulations of BC Chinese Soccer League. Teams may be suspended or have points deducted from their current league total or, as a final sanction, be removed from the league. In all cases, team management may be called to appear before the executive. The executive will determine what, if any, action to be taken including the length of suspension to be posted.
    2. Check the field status after 2pm in the same day by visiting or contact Frankie Lam at 604-377-6337  or for field update information.
    3. Provide Linemen in every game.
    4. Referee Fee before the game start.
    5. Zero tolerate for any players drinking alcohol, smoking, spitting on the field or inside parks area.
    6. Remove garbage after the game.
    7. Make sure players not to entering the field before the game start
    8. Home team are always show on the left side in our schedule.
    9. League schedule can be found in
    10. Maximum registered 30 players for a team every season.
    1. Each team must register at least a manager and 1 coach. However, they can be a same person
    1. The League requires numbered uniforms for all teams for player identification with each number to be unique and match the team roster provided to the referee.
    2. Away team prepare different color of jersey or a set of bibs to avoid color- conflict.
    3. Penalty $50.00 for team in each game with in-proper uniforms. Referee have the right to dis-qualify the game if team/teams are not in-proper uniforms
    1. Home team provide one official FIFA game ball & a spare ball.
    1. Provide two copies of team list.
    1. Players or Team Officials reported for foul or abusive language directed at a game official before, during or after a match (red card offense) will be minimum 3 games suspension in addition to any penalties incurred for other yellow or red card infractions received. AND/OR
    2. A suspended player or team officials who attends his/any game as a spectator and is reported for misconduct by the referee will receive an additional 8 games suspension. Further, the player’s team may be subject to disciplinary action should the team fail to control the player.  Suspended player should not be involved in the game, including the position of coach or team official or etc.
    3. Detail refers to “DISCIPLINE & PUNISHMENT


Clubs are strongly encouraged to invest time and effort into selecting the correct divisions for their teams.


*40+, *50+, 55+
Division 35+ (allow 4 underaged – as 30-34 years old) on the field

    40+ Division: player who is 40# year old or older (who was born in year 1984 or older)
    50+ Division: player who is 50# year old or older (who was born in year 1974 or older)
    55+ Division: player who is 55# year old or older (who was born in year 1969 or older – while allow 2 1970 born players in a team)
    Game will be credited as follows: Win + 3 points, Tie + 1 point, Loss 0 point. In case of ties in the standings, the decision is by the following sequence:
    1. +/- Goal difference
    2. Goals for
    3. Actual outcome of earlier game match-up
    4. The flip of a coin

In the event of any team resigning from the League in the middle of the season, all the previous record / results will be kept but all the un-played games will be treated as losing 0-1 for the rest of the season. No Refund to any withdrawal teams under any circumstance. *No Promotion and relegation in all division.


  • All games are to be played in accordance with the FIFA/IFAB Laws of the Game and BC Soccer Rules and Regulations.
  • The ball must conform to FIFA/IFAB standards and must conform to the FIFA/IFAB inflation specifications.
    • The ball must be size Five (5).
    • The home team must provide 1 game balls 1 spare ball prior to the start of the game. The referee may reject any ball provided.
  • Unlimited substitutions are permitted in all league games. Substitutions may be made at a stoppage in play at the referee’s discretion
  • Substitutes must wear jackets or pinnies when on the sidelines that are a different color than the team’s uniforms.
  • Substituting players should have their jacket or pinnie off and must be ready to play as soon permission from the referee for the substitution is granted.
  • The player being substituted must be off the field before the new player enters, and the player entering the field must do so at center and with approval from the Referee.


Check the field status after 2pm in the same day by visiting or contact Frankie Lam at 604-377-6337  or  Check City of Richmond website for field update information.

    1. No drinking alcohol, smoking, spitting , or human waste on the field or inside parks area.
    2. Remove garbage after the game.


    1. NO Slide tackles
    2. Players on all teams must be wearing jerseys of a matching color
    1. The standard length of a regulation soccer game is 90 minutes. This consists of two 45-minute periods separated by a half-time break. The half-time break can last as long as 15 minutes.
      Over 55+ Division will be 35 minutes a half, with total 70 minutes per game.
  • FEE
    1. Regular game referee fee ($45.00) from each team. Total $90 (Over 55 Referee fee is $32)
    1. Notwithstanding below, teams will make an effort to complete all games scheduled by the League Scheduler.
    2. Teams who refuse reasonable make-up game options as determined by the league or are non-compliant in finding a make-up game option with their opponent and/or the league, will be at risk of a league fine and/or penalty of a deduction of 3 points from the standings.
    3. When inclement weather or some other unforeseen event forces closure of the fields then the game may be rescheduled if there is sufficient notice, time, field availability and an agreement between both coaches.
    4. Only the assigned referee may deem the field unplayable at the scheduled match time or at any time during the game.
    5. Requests for game postponement must be made through the District scheduler to the League Scheduler 30 days before the match.
    6. If 70 minutes of any game is completed, and for any reason the game cannot be finished, then the result will stand unless the team that is leaking is found to be solely responsible for the abandonment. In this case, the League Executive reserves the right to award no points to either team.
    7. If a game is abandoned prior to 70 minutes, then the game will only be replayed if necessary to decide promotion or relegation.
    8. If any substitutes or spectators enter the field of play to become involved, then the instigating team will receive a fined CAD100.00. Registered team players entering from the sidelines could be suspended for 10 games. The player(s) that were the main instigators of the event will be suspended for a minimum of 5 games.
    9. Referee has the right to cancel a game if he cannot start the game in 15 minutes after scheduled game time.  The team at fault will be responsible for the expenses (such as referee fee for both teams) and treated as lose team (0-1).  If both teams are at fault, the above penalty will apply to both teams and no points will be awarded to either team.  No game will be replayed in all cases. also, our referee can call off the game if the player insists to wear jewelry, bracelet during the game. Of course, the team will lose the game as well.
    10. Forfeit of the game due to insufficient number of eligible registered players or other reason, will treated as lose team (0-1). Minimum 7 players are allowing to play in the game and should start on the game at once when minimum 7 players are on the field.
    11. Postpone – please inform our league at least 2 weeks prior to game start but under the following conditions:
      1. Agreed by the opponent team.
      2. They must pay the new game field rent provided field is available or will
      3. be treated as lost game (0-1).


  • There will be at least a cup tournament along each season on every division. Number of matches could be different depends on the draw & bracket
  • No extra time after regular time, penalty shot out will take place. 3 players of each team provided by manager/coach. Sudden death after first round of 3 in case of draw.
  • Final match may have linesman, which means $100 referee fee each team.
  • Details of tournament will be released every beginning of season
  • No Player transfer allowed during tournament, however new players can be added on a week before next game, only in a situation of a team having insufficient players. 


  • The League appointee shall be the scheduling committee and shall draw up the schedule for all games.  All teams are advised to show up on the field at least 30 minutes before games start. The game time will be started to count sharply according the schedule and the game will be canceled if insufficient player on either team after over 15 minutes.  The team with insufficient player will lose the game with a result of 0-1(refer to RESCHEDULE & ABANDONMENT).


  • FEES
    Regular game fee ($45.00) from each team. Total $90, (Over 55 Referee fee is $32)
    No linesman during regular games. Linesman may only happen in tournament final match



  • 2 yellow cards in one game – min. 1 game
  • Interference on goal opportunity straight red card – min. 1 game
  • Illegal player (not registered, use suspended player, use impostor player, use underaged player) the offense team will lose the game (in win or tie situation, also need to pay the referee fee for the opponent team this match), but the opponent team can still use the original game record, and which is more advantage to them.
  • Repeating using illegal player will result losing games plus extra fine.
  • Suspended player are not allowed to play until his suspension period over. Violator will be punished with extra games and fine.
  • Straight red card under violence conduct (kicking, punching, tackling with intent to injure, spitting) – minimum 3 games suspension.
  • Swearing / Coarse Language – minimum 2 games suspension.
  • Straight red card under technical foul – minimum 2 games suspension
  • Fighting – min. 5 games suspension.
  • Offenses towards game officials:
    1. Persistent criticism and disputing of referee’s calls – minimum 2 games
    2. Deliberate insulting conduct: Spitting, swearing, physical action without contact – minimum 4 games.
    3. Physical contact, punching, kicking, an attempt to injure – minimum 1 year. 2nd Offense – min. Two years suspension up to Five years.
    4. Discipline committee will make for the final decision.
  • If the red card player is fined from a league game, he will be only penalized for that league game in the same division only except some serious incidents.
  • Suspension not completely served in one season automatically carry over to the following season. Suspension player cannot change team and or cancel his player status until serving his suspended period.  And red card received will carry an automatically suspension for the next league or Cup game regardless of any appeal.
  • Penalty $50.00 for team in each game with in-proper uniforms. Referee have the right to dis-qualify the game if team/teams are not in-proper uniforms
  • Penalty $50.00 for each player to received Red Card in the game, including 2 yellow=1 Red Card ($25)
  • A red carded player will automatically suspend next week match until discipline report finalize his penalty. 
  • Linesman have to provide by both team. Fail to do it will result a warning (first time) and fine $25.
  • a simplified table as a reference as below
    2 YELLOW RED  $                      25.00 1 GAME  
    STRAIGHT RED  $                      50.00 1 GAME Interference 
       $                      50.00 2 GAME Dogso/Swearing / Coarse Language
       $                      50.00 3 GAME (min) Violence conduct
       $                   100.00 5 GAME (Min) Fighting
    Illegal player    $                   100.00 Game forfeit Underaged or not registered
       $                   100.00 Deduce league points  Repeating using illegal player
    Offenses towards game official  $                      50.00 3 GAME (Min) Persistent criticism and disputing of referee’s calls
       $                   100.00 4 GAME (min) Deliberate insulting conduct
       $                   500.00 1 YEAR Physical contact, punching, kicking, an attempt to injure
       –  could be life time repeated offence could be life time game suspended 



  • Should coaches or managers have a complaint regarding the performance of a referee, the match, the complaint should be directed in writing to their division discipline committee, not the board of BCCSF.
  • Each Division will have its own discipline committee.
  • The protest must be e-mailed to the League Operational Committee within 48 hours of the day of the game being completed. The basis of the protest must be clearly stated.
  • APPEAL – All appeals must be filed with the Old Timer in-charge committee within 48 hours of being informed of action(s) All appeal has to be in writing and submitted through e-mail.  And all the appeal case will be redirected to our Discipline Committee with non-refundable fee CAD100.  The player and one of the team members will be allowed to attend the appeal case if needed.   No game is allowed for the appealed player during appeal period.


Any violation of these Rules & Regulations, as listed, may result in the BCCSF Board of Directors
levying a fine listed in Appendix B.
Reason Amount
Defaulting matches with less than 48 hours’ notice  $ 40.00
Defaulting matches with less than 24 hours’ notice  $ 152.00
Team with in-proper uniform $ 50.00
Red card for player $ 50.00
No Linesman (after first warning) $ 25.00

*Remark: all cheque payable to British Columbia Chinese Soccer Federation