Day: 25 April 2024

SW Legend vs Fire Kirin @ Minoru #2

Fire Kirin 8-1 SW Legend

Fire Kirin Goal Scorers:
#14, 18, 26, 8, 14, 14, 18, 11

SW Legend Goal Scorer:

Player of the match: Fire Kirin #14, SW Legend #99

No Cautions.

Red Cards:
Fire Kirin #6 and SW Legend #37, both for Violent Conduct

In the 34th minute, SW Legend #37 fouled Fire Kirin #6 with a push from behind while challenging for the ball. Right after the foul was called, FK #6 made physical contact with his body at SW #37. Both exchanged more physical contact before FK #6 raised his elbow and struck SW #37 in the face. SW #37 retaliated with a punch thrown at FK #6. Both exchanged shoves before being separated by teammates. After sending both players off for violent conduct, they went to their separate benches. FK #6 packed his bag and promptly left his bench area to the parking lot, on the way to the parking lot from outside the field he had to walk behind SW’s bench, and on the way tried to initiate further argument with SW #37 at his bench. SW #37 did not engage further as I was in the vicinity to tell them to cut it out and notified SW #37 that I will add this to the report. There were no additional issues after that.

Let me know if you have any questions.