Day: 30 April 2024

South Arm United vs Unicorn FC 40 @Minoru #2

Southarm             6
#23(3) Farivar Torabi Sereshki
#17 Brandon Duckki Hong
#10 Yiqing Lin
#27 Zixi Li
Unicorn         1
#20 Eric Claassen
#6 Jacky Liu
Charge, Jacky recklessly stepped into a opponent you was dribbling the ball causing him to fall hard to the ground.
#83 Nelson Lam
Dissent – Nelson got upset with me after I called a penalty shot. He continued on after I warned him verbally to claim down.

Old Blacks vs Vancouver FC @ Oval

Old Blacks 5
Van FC 3
Goal Scorers
Old Blacks:
#25 Ben Scoble (2g)
#21 Bryan Tanaka
#22 Faizal Karim
#18 Stanley Liu
Van FC:
#17 Jose Ricaurte Herrera
#10 Mohammed Al Qatrawi
Old Blacks:
#17 Adam Scoble yellow – usb
Van FC:
#3 Abel Garcia Munoz yellow – usb
#10 Mohammed Al Quatrawi – yellow dissent
#10 Mohammed Al Quatrawi – red – foul and abusive language

#10 Mohammed Al Quatrawi – red – violent conduct

Player of the game
Old Blacks:
#25 Ben Scoble

Van FC:
#17 Jose Ricaurte Herrera

The game started about 10 minutes late as Van FC did not have enough players. Eventually we kicked off with 8 players for Van FC. There was no team sheet supplied by Van FC before the game. At half time, they provided me with a list of 12 players.
The first half was a normal game, Van FC appealing for a couple of throw ins and handballs that did not go their way which they didn’t like. The score was 3-1 at half time.
Old Blacks scored 2 goals in the first 2 minutes of the second half. Van FC scored in the 64 and 68 mins.
In the 69th minute, Van FC #3 was booked for a hard late foul, the Old Black #17 responded with a 2 handed push to the #3 who fell over. The Van FC players felt that #17 should have had a red card for the push.
In the 71st minute, I issued a yellow to Van FC #10 for dissent, after his loud protestation to a call. He had previously been warned on 2 occasions to stop arguing.
In the 73rd minute, #10 was loudly protesting another call, I pointed to my mouth and told #10 he needed to keep it shut. He then shouted “Fuck you”. he was about 15-20 yards away from me. The play stopped and I issued a red card for foul and abusive language.  He ran over and stood in front of me and said “No, no, no.” He then wound up and punched me in the ribs. i stepped back and he then left the field. I saw him grab his stuff and leave the park. An additional red card is issued for violent conduct.
I decided to continue and finish the game.
The game continued and was mostly uneventful – other than Van FC still appealing for calls – some were made for them, some against them.
After a throw in near centre that was called for the Old Blacks, the Van FC manager player made a comment to an Old Black player that “That’s why these guys are going to punch the ref.”
At the end of the game, I asked the manager (who I believe is Tony) to confirm that the #10 player name on the list was actually the right name. He said that it was. I also let him know that I heard his comment and that I thought it was disgusting that he was trying to justify the action.
When I walked away and was making notes on the team list, I realized there was was no number beside the name Tony Pham on the team list (and I believe that is his name and that he is the manager). I walked back over and he had already changed out of his jersey. I asked him if he was Tony and he said “I’m not talking to you anymore.” I said that I believed his name was Tony but there was no number beside his name on the team list. He kept saying “I’m done with you” and wouldn’t provide his name or number. He then said I was “biased” and walked away saying “I’m done with you.” After he left, another player confirmed that his name was Tony.
On a separate note, I noticed that the goalie who played for Van FC last week under someone else’s name, and then gave me the name Christopher Tony at the end of the game, was playing again today under the name of Gustavo Enrique Ramos. No idea if that is his real name or not. I suspect not as that name was used as an outfield player last week.
I would like to hear back from the league on how they will address this once you have had a chance to discuss/decide. Thank-you.
Doug,  I am hoping that this assault could be reported to BC Soccer?