Day: 9 July 2024


TeamRice vs SouthArmUnited

Team Rice 1  South Arm 4
TR – #28 Alex Leung
SA – #5 Bin Wu (2g),  #6 Jihyun Terry Kim (2g)
TR # 4 Ping Hei Chung – Yellow – Dissent
TR # 4 Ping Hei Chung – Red – Foul and Abusive Language
Player of the game:
TR – #28 Alex Leung

SA – #6 Jihyun Terry Kim

In the 64th minute, I called a penalty kick after TR #4 tripped an opponent running past him inside the box. He complained about the call and while I was explaining the call, he then moved right into my face shouting that it wasn’t a penalty. I issued a yellow for dissent. He then told me to “Fuck off.”  I issued a straight red card for foul and abusive language. He left the field immediately without any further protest.
The player did approach me after the game ended to apologize and said he was just mad at that moment. He seemed genuine in his apology.