Day: 20 February 2024

Pacific Dragon vs Unicorn 40 @ Minoru2 (Cup game)

Unicorn 40        2                      v        Pac D40    0
G1   Ceasar Chow     36m
G2    Albert Leung   44m
            Glenn Scott       KEEPERS      Thomas Keli Lai
Jason Chow-Yellow  USB
2nd half Pac D40 carried the play but Glenn Scott played great in goal.   Stopped a PK and several other strong saves

RHEA Fund vs Vancouver FC @ Oval (Cup game)

Good Day Gents,

Last night was a 5-3 victory for Van FC. Rhea Fund is trying to protest that there were 2 ineligible players on the pitch for Van FC.
Rhea Fund manager brought this to my attention at halftime. However it was right as we were going to KO the second half.
After the game I did ask both players to provide government issued ID so that I can verify their ages. One player was 41; this I know because he had a BCDL. The other had no ID. His brother plays on the Van FC. Both of their birth years say 1978. I know they are not twins. I also asked the second player in question just before second half KO what year he was born in. He replied with 1985.
The player I’m unsure about is #3 Othman Mohammed Amin. His brother is #2 Othman Ragheb.
What to do from here 🤷🏼‍♂️ Cheers

Old Boys vs Lu Charcoal Grill @ Minoru3 (Cup game)

Old Boys 50 – 0 vs Lu Charcoal Grill 40 – 1

Old Boys 40

Goal keepers – Frank Mohnadel

Goal Scorer

Cautions/ Ejections

# 22 Ali Zarjampour, Yellow, USB, Reckless challenge stopping a promising attack

# 02 Manuel Diaz, Yellow, USB, trips opposing player (# 05) on a break.

Lu Charcoal Grill 40

Goal keepers – Kingsley Qiqi Lu

Goal Scorer

# 09 Jiang Fu

Cautions/ Ejections

# 04 Guowei Situ, Yellow, USB, leading with studs into a challenge

# 05 Chungiu Liu, Yellow, USB, gets pushed down and then retaliates by kicking out at opposing player (#02).


Game mostly controlled by Charcoal Grill, they used their speed for advantage. They should have scored 3 more goals.

**Official Team list provided by both teams.

Regards, Harry