Day: 22 February 2024

WildCats OB vs Golden Tea 50 @ Richmond High

Wildcats 3
Golden Tea 1
GT goal by Ben Shang
Wildcats goals by Bill Pomeroy(2) and Claudio Popa
2 yellow cards( both for SPA) to Wildcats player Arturo Yep in the 19th and 40th minutes


Fire Kirin vs Unicorn HomePark @ Minoru2

Unicorn 4
Fire Kirin 1
Goal Scorers
Unicorn – Tian Stan Li, Sheng Zhu, Mark Wu (2)
Fire Kirin – Lewis Oladuntoye
#19 Will Gao foul (y-usb), then he kicked 2 times at the player on the ground before going head to head with the other player. I issued a yellow card for the initial foul and then a straight red for kicking the opponent. Time = 80 min.
#17 Will Chen (y-usb)
Fire Kirin:
#11 Oleksandr Smtchenko (y-usb) hard, aggressive tackle with a slide type tackle
#11 Oleksandr Smtchenko (y-usb) pull and trip from behind. Due to the second yellow card, he was issued a red card. He then proceeded to say “You are a shit referee” before leaving the field.

#23 Nick Lai Ho Yin (y-dissent)
This was a very loud and intense game. There was a lot of shouting, players swearing at their own teammates and lots of chippy play.
I had to speak to #11 on several occasions with him keep telling me this is how Europeans play.
Lots of complaining about the other teams players by both teams.
Really loud game.
One of the more difficult games I have had to referee all season.