Day: 3 May 2024

SW Legend vs Soccerholic SC @Oval

Soccerholics                   7
#8(2) Raul Eduardo Porras
#10 Karl Jones
#2 Wayne Nguyen
SW Legend Rangers       1
#35Terry Zhou
#36 Chao Chen
Handball that broke up a promising attack

Golden Tea 50 vs Pacific Dragon 50 @Minoru #2


Pacific Dragons  3 vs Golden Tea  1


Pacific Dragons 50

Goal keepers – Daniel Hofer

Goal Scorer’s

# 09 Jason Olinek

# 26 Ricky Lam

# 12 Daniel Ching


Cautions/ Ejections

# 09 Jason Olinek, Yellow, USB,  Stopping a quick counter attack by grabbing a player.


Golden Tea 50

Goal keepers – Frank Lin

Goal Scorer

# 96 Jin Yonk Guo


Cautions/ Ejections

# 96  Jin Yonk Guo, Yellow, USB,  Reckless challenge clipping opposing players ankle on a break.

# 19  Guang Tian, Yellow, USB,  Reckless challenge kicks out at the back of the opposing players leg.



Game pretty much controlled by Pac D, Golden Tea did play a better game in the first half. All goals scored in the second half

**Official Team list provided by both teams.

**Linesman provided.


Regards, Harry