Day: 7 June 2024

Automind 50 vs Unicorn HomePark @ Minoru2

Unicorn/HP 50 – 7  vs  Automind 50  50 – 0


Unicorn/HP 50

Goal keepers – Richard Yang

Goal Scorer’s

# 18 Jack Zhang

# 26 Miles Liu

# 15 Will Gao

# 06 Yan Xu

# 09 Raymond Zhao

# 09 Raymond Zhao

# 06 Yan Xu


Cautions/ Ejections

# 09 Raymond Zhao, Yellow, USB, Reckless challenge tripping the  defender’s to win the ball.

# 17 Will Chen, Yellow, USB, Reckless challenge coming into a challenge leading with his elbow to win the ball.

SW Legends 50

Goal keepers – Peter Wai Kit

Goal Scorer



Cautions/ Ejections



Actually a good match, well tempered , all unicorn Home Park

**Official Team list provided by both teams.

**No Linesman provided.


Regards, Harry


SW Legend vs WildCats @ Oval

Both teams provided team lists & linesmen

SW Legends     3
     #99   (2)  4m    &   17m    Zou Yi
     #21   87m     Steven Wang   PK
Keeper:  Haihua Yu
Yellow Card   Steven Wang   disent    constantly questioning calls
Yellow Card   Ming Jin   Reckless tackle
     RED Card   Ming Jin   88m  Violent Conduct, retaliated  & started
          pushing w opponent.    NO punches
Wildcats    1
   #29  23m   Andre Naval
Keeper:  Simon Wu
    RED Card    88m   Violent Conduct,   Jaskinder Dulay (Tony )  1st
       foul on Tony for pushing Ming  in the back.  They both started
       yapping each other & as Ming walked away Tony throw the ball
       at Ming, hitting him in the back.   Both players then turned and
       pushed each other.     NO punches
Player of Game
Wildcats    Sherrick Williams
SW Legends    Zou Yi